Qatar Energy is hiring employees in their different job sections in the oil and gas field. Qatar Energy is the state-owned petroleum company of Qatar. All processes related to oil and gas including exploration, production, refining, transport and storage are functioning under the company. All movements of Qatar Petroleum will be under the purview of its Minister of State for Energy Affairs, Saad Sheridaval-Kaabi. About 20 key positions in Qatar petroleum, which contributes 60% of Qatar’s GDP, are waiting to be filled. See it as the best opportunity to get the best job and apply now. 


Qatar Petroleum came into existence in 1974 under the jurisdiction of the Government of Qatar. Since 2008, it has become known as the third-largest oil and gas reserve in the world. It is also the fifth-largest gas company in the world today. The naturally occurring oil wells are a blessing to this land. The government of Qatar started their first drilling in 1939 at Dhukkan. In 1949 after the world war, they started to export crude oil. By the mid of 1960 the idd al-shargi, and Maydan oil fields were discovered.

Later in 1970 Qatar’s largest offshore field, Bul canine was founded and started drilling in 1972. For the exploration, processing, production, exports and storage, they created an official structure and ownership through Qatar Energy in 1974.  The fundamental vision of Qatar Energy is to become one of the leading energy sources in the world. The six pillars of their work culture are safety, integrity, excellence, respect, collaboration and responsibility. Qatar is a prime exporter of Liquified natural gas or LNG.

The export of Liquified natural gas has played a significant role in the development and economic growth of the country. Being a major petroleum-producing and exporting country, Qatar has set some goals toward sustainable development and the conservation and protection of nature. So in the last few years, Qatar started exploring renewable ways of energy to reduce carbon footprints. 

Qatar, which owns the world’s largest natural gas reservoir, resigned from the international organization OPEC in 2019 to focus more on gas production than oil. The main importers of crude petroleum from Qatar are Japan, Singapore China, Korea and South Asia. Qatar Energy, the world’s largest source of oil and natural gas, invites entries for various positions. Choose a suitable job by seeing it as the best career opportunity. 


Qatar Energy is recruiting highly skilled and experienced employees for various vacancies in the oil and gas field. You can apply for the job by visiting their official website through the link given below the description. Also, you can apply and know more about the job, its qualifications and experience through Qatar Energy’s official linked-in site. The openings are in the 20 important posts like, communication officer, planning engineer, certification analyst, environmental analyst, data scientist etc. As it is a very important field of work, good knowledge and work experience is required in the said field. You can use the link provided to know more information, qualification and experience related to each job.


HSC communication officer

Head international exploration and growth

Planning Engineer

Security control room supervisor

Senior quality management certification analyst

Senior control analyst

Senior HSC transformation officer

Senior counsel ( trading and marketing ) 

Occupational health and hygiene lead

Senior environmental analyst

Lead data scientist

Senior environmental analyst ( water) 

Systematic engineer

Senior information security Risk analyst

Lead thread detection and response

Lead active defence

Senior tax specialist

Security incident responder 

Head reliability

Lead system engineer 


If you are interested and eligible for the vacancies above, you can apply through the links below. After clicking the link you just have to visit their site and upload your documents. 



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